Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sardine V - I Hate You 12"

Another gift from bX-59cppw. Thanks to him for keeping this blog alive a bit. Don't have a big budget to score rare stuff for the moment.
Sardine V is a very interesting new wave/postpunk band from Australia. Prior to the 'I Hate You' 12" they released a 7" 'Sabotage/Sudan' in 1982.
Can't tell you more as this band is completely unknown to me. But Sardine V has Ian Rilen in the band, best known for being in Rose Tattoo and in one of the world's best punkbands ever, X.
'Stuck On you' was also covered by Hunters & Collectors.

I Hate You 12" (Phantom Records-PH 18-1983)
1 I Hate You
2. Stuck On You
3. Pictures
4. Minutes
5. Disagree

Link removed. Got a complaint from Hunters + Collectors for violation of copyright.


Anonymous said...

He is always a good benefactor :D

Wayne Davidson said...

Sardine V only had 2 records, this one and a superb single called Sudan. I believe there was another single planned called "Party Games" but I don't believe it ever existed. They were on Mushroom Records sub-label "White" (where the alternative acts were released). Ian Rilen's wife Stephanie takes lead vocals on some of the tracks and has a great voice (best used on the Sudan single). Once they appeared on Countdown (a long-running but now cancelled pop TV show here in Australia), which is where I first became aware of them. Models member Barton Price also played in the band during their brief lifespan. That's about all I know...

Megan said...

Ian is one of the great unsung talents of Australian music. He wrote Rose Tattoo's hit song Bad Boy for Love, but left the band because their music style wasn't hard enough for him! Before all that he was in Band of Light, and Blackfeather for a while. X came and went in a few different incarnations, both before and after Sardine V. After that he had bands called Hell to Pay, and Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts. He also released a solo album called Love is Murder. He unfortunately passed away in 2006.

I saw many, many Sardine V gigs in the early 80s, and they are memories I treasure. There is one clip of them on YouTube from their only Countdown appearance:

If you want to know more about Ian, check out There is a new site with more info in the works which will hopefully go up within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on it if you're interested in Ian.

Anonymous said...

THANKS! Never heard of them till now. Pretty good too

Luca said...

Hey. Seems Stranger Still was posted on a blog, go grab it

Curious Guy said...

Wayne and Megan, thanks for all the extra info. This is really appreciated! Would like to hear the 7" tracks now.
Luca, already grabbed the Stranger Still 7".

Wayne Davidson said...

The Sudan single has been posted here:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had never heard about them... Thanks for the music, information and extra links! You guys are great!

Sagan said...

Thanks so much, it's so hard for me to find a lot of cool stuff from Australia, so when someone posts it it's pretty exciting!