Sunday, September 11, 2011

UV Pop on Bandcamp

I removed all download links for UV Pop records posted here. The reason is that I found out (through bX59-cppw) that John White made a UV Pop bandcamp page where you can download those records for a reasonable price. There are also some recent recordings to be found. The only one missing is the 'Music To Yeah To" 12" and some early tape-only material.
Thanks to Burl Veneer and Eleni for the original rips they provided me back in the days. It seems to have spurred a lot of interest in hearing back those hard-to-find UV Pop records.
There are (were?) plans for reissues but I haven't heard anything from the label involved lately.

UV POP Bandcamp


Dan said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan,
and for the anyone for me/Bendy Baby Man re-release complete with bonus rare recordings go here -

for the complete release on download and vinyl and CD of the No Songs Tomorrow album go here -

There is to be fresh release of previously hard to get album "In Your Skin" on vinyl, CD and download also through Genetic music.
The point about the 12" version of Music to yeah to needs looking at actually - we have the masters but have never got around to making a new release yet - follow us on facebook or at our website and hopefully we will address those issues in good time.
Thanks for the interest as always
Tony (from UV POP)