Saturday, November 05, 2011

V/A Torn In Two LP

Second comp. album released on Torment Records. Stand-outs are Party Day with a live recording, The Second Coming, This Colossal Youth and Masque. This Colossal Youth was another band with drummer Dean Ormston of The Second Coming and Silent Scream.

V/A Torn In Two LP (Torment Records-TOR 2-1986)
1. Party Day - Let Us Shine
2. Play The Joker - Last Laugh
3. The Second Coming - More More More
4. The Second Coming - Take Me Away
5. Central Reservation - I Won't Give You My Heart To Throw Away
6. Adrian Davidson - Straight From The Heart
7. This Colossal Youth - Scissors-Stone
8. Phillip Parr - Years And Years
9. Mark Jackson - Girl's Best Friend
10. Seventh Son - Stage Crazy
11. Masque - Seasons Changing

Torn In Two


Sheerinertia said...

Nice- Don't recall ever hearing Party Day live before- have to check it out- Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

I corrected the track title for Party Day. Don't know if it's really live but it sounds way rawer as their other recordings.