Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some files removed

The 'Industrial Warfare' album of Headhunters was removed due to copyright violation. Got a message from some French organisation. Strange as the other Headhunters records or other Shout-related material cause no problems. Checked if there's maybe a reissue but nothing shows up. Maybe an ex-member of Headhunters could provide more info?
Also the 12" of Sardine V was removed. The Australian band Hunters + Collectors made a problem. I know they cover a song 'Stuck On You' by Sardine V but they're not the writers of the song. Ian Rilen is. Can someone explain why a band that does a cover can have an issue with a song they didn't write?
Files won't be re-upped 'cos I don't want to get into trouble. Just want to let you know.
And I always encourage people to buy reissues. Support those individuals that spend their time and money to locate ex-members, mastertapes, pressing records, etc... .


Holly said...

"Can someone explain why a band that does a cover can have an issue with a song they didn't write?"

Either inept/overzealous/desperate mgmt or because they're idiots? I prefer to think the former, always liked H&C.

Curious Guy said...

You could be right. I mentioned H&C in my post and this probably triggered someone to pull down the link without looking further into it.

roverinexile said...

Another blog I follow had a similar issue, with a take down complaint from a French law firm. It sounded like they were trying to claim copyright over something tenuous.

Curious Guy said...

On my account there's a list of links that were deleted by that French firm, but only one of mine. Seems that they randomly attacked some blogs to irritate us. I'll probably re-up that Headhunters album.

PostPunkBasslinesRule said...

It kills me that 'Industrial Warfare' got taken down, as I downloaded it from here ages ago, loved it, and then lost it in a HD crash. I've scoured all over the web for another download of it, but you were apparently the only one to ever upload it anywhere.

If it was something that was finally getting put out on CD I'd totally understand, but it's been out of print for decades, has never been reissued in any other format, and—as far as I know—no label is planning on reissuing it, either.

Sounds less like the actual copyright holders were responsible and more like some puffed-up firm throwing darts at mp3 blogs and making random threats.

Curious Guy said...

I'll re-up the Headhunters album soon.

PostPunkBasslinesRule said...

Thanks so much!

It really does make me wonder how this band never got any reissues. At the very least, they deserve a similar treatment to what 1919 got on Anagram Records with 'The Complete Collection'.