Saturday, June 02, 2012

Two - Waiting For Winter 12"

Good quality rip of the 'Waiting For Winter' 12" of Two. Released on Future Records (Blitz, The Wild Flowers, And Also The Trees, Rhythm And Faith, ...).
WAV provided by bX-59cppw and converted to FLAC and MP3 by me.
Two were a duo from the UK and did four releases. The first three on Future Records and another 12" on Reflex Records. Atmospheric synthwave. Should be reissued! Quite hard to find and/or very pricey.

Waiting For Winter 12" (Future Records-FS 10-1983)
1. Till Five Weeks
2. Thoughts For B
3. Waiting For Winter
4. Untitled

Waiting For Winter - 320

Waiting For Winter - FLAC


Exeter said...

I thought I was the only person in the world who had this record! Thanks for sharing!

Curious Guy said...

The 2x2 12" is posted here before. The LP will follow soon. Don't have the 7" but it was posted on some blog but no time to search for it now.

Capa Nostra said...

Thanks for this!!!! Long time waiting to have a chance to give it a listen :), also thanks to bX-59cppw of course! Greetings both of you!!

The 7'' is here, link still working!

Curious Guy said...

New links on Jumbofiles for Waiting For Winter by Two.

Curious Guy said...

New links for Waiting In Winter of Two. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

dear curious guy, happy new year! i have been listening to this so much these last days. if you have some spare moments, would you kindly reup the flac? thank you!


Curious Guy said...

New link Sam. Enjoy!