Wednesday, July 18, 2012

V/A To Sell Kerosene Door To Door 2xLP

Double album compilation on Insight Records. Compiled by Eric Cope of Glorious Din. Two tracks each of the following bands:
World Of Pooh with tracks off their 'The Land Of Thirst' album. With Barbara Manning on vocals who played in 28th Day before. Also with drummer Jay Paget of Glorious Din and later Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. Brandon Kearney also played with Caroliner and Archipelago Brewing Company.
Spahn Ranch offer two tracks off their 'Thickly Settled' album released on Insight.
Dog Food has Eric Cope and Brandon Kearney. Probably a one-off collaboration.
Beetle Leg was a project of producer Matt Walace.
Beatnigs offer two tracks of their album on Alternative Tentacles. It seems that Insight Records was involved with this release as well. Beatnigs evolved to The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy and had Michael Franti in the band.
Stiff Legged Sheep released a 7" on Smudged records before. Their contribution is exclusive.
Next is Glorious Din with two tracks off their 'Closely Watched Trains' album.
Harry's Picket Fence had three members of Glorious Din. Doug Heeschen later in garagerock band The Gargoyles.
Next two bands are Raining House and Barnacle Choir. No other releases.
Enigma was a project with Beatnigs members.
Stickdog offers one track from their first album on Smudged and a track from their second album 'Human' on Alternative Tenctacles.
Systems Collapse are next and the only songs released of them that I know of.
Caroliner Rainbow Throw Up Fantasy is better known these days as Caroliner.
Archipelago Brewing Company closes the album.

My copy doesn't include the inserts unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

Hi curious guys.

When I click on "regular download", if lead me to site where I can only download some software but no link to the file.

Vaykorus said...


: (

Curious Guy said...

Can't you choose free download? Everything works perfect here.

Curious Guy said...

Just checked on youtube: you don't need to click regular download but the small 'download' button in the middle of the page.
I still use XP so it works different for me?

Rainy Day Sponge said...

Nice move, better quality than my rip (, which is no longer available anyway. To Sell Kerosene... deserves to be available for those who are seeking.

One small correction:
World of Pooh was formed after 28th Day (Barbara Manning's first band with Cole Marquis - 1984-85) and Manning's first solo album (1988)

Curious Guy said...

Hi RSD, long tome no hear. Thanks for the info on Barbara Manning. And thanks to you for the posting it some time ago. Glad I finally found a copy (unfortunately without inserts).

Anonymous said...

do you have any Tass2 ?

nugger jiggle said...

I was looking for this for a few days, I even spent almost an entire day a few weeks ago! I thought this was gone forever! Thanks for re-uploading this, I thought it was gone forever.

Curious Guy said...

No Tass 2. Sorry. There's an album on Vinyl-On-Demand which you still can get.

Anonymous said...

Bummer, the link for both "TSKDTD - 320" and "TSKDTD -FLAC 2" lead to the page that reads:

This file is currently unavailable.
Please try to download this file again later.

Curious Guy said...

Just wait a bit and try later. Probably some maintenance thing.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads-up. The "TSKDTD - 320" and "TSKDTD -FLAC 2" are still unavailable. You might want to check the links and/or storage site.

Curious Guy said...

Getting bored with Jumbofiles. Bad service. I'll try another one hopefully today.

Curious Guy said...

New links available. MP3 only for the moment. FLAC hopefully soon. Let me know if Zippyshare works fine.

Curious Guy said...

FLAC files added.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Zippyshare seems to be working just fine. I really appreciate your effort to make these lost gems available once again.

Lief Coose said...

probeer eens; norecordshopsleft.blogspot gebruikt die ook voor grote FLAC-bestanden - zippyshare werkt m.i. enkel goed voor korte termijndownloads

Lief Coose said...

Hoi, Zippyshare is de bestanden kwijt.

Curious Guy said...

No, just a few. Seems there are some problems with storage. Hopefully they'll be up again soon.
"At the moment ETR it is rather 72h-96h than 24h. Raid crash was pretty hard (3 hdds dropped out nearly at once). All the data which was recoverable was secured on another spare server. We are now waiting for the replacement of the faulty HDDs and we will start configuring this server from scratch".

Curious Guy said...

New MP3 links as the previous disappeared.

Avant Garble said...

Thanks for this friend. It has become a favorite of ours since you first shared it. Blessings.

tuskedbeast said...

Hi. Re: rainy day sponge's info on WOP- it's wrong. WOP existed before Barbara joined. Also she was in WOP when she put out her first solo album.

Got to keep such *important history* factual.