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Spahn Ranch - Thickly Settled LP

Spahn Ranch were from Detroit, MI and released 'Thickly Settled' on Insight, the label run by Eric Cope of Glorious Din. Not to be confused with the 90's band from LA.
Don't think they were Manson worshippers but the music feels like an introduction to some obscure cult. Cool mix of psyche and postpunk.
From their MySpace:
Spahn Ranch was formed in August of 1986 in Detroit, MI. Although the name would suggest a connection with the Manson Murders, the band had no affiliation. In it's infancy, the band played in many local venues on the bill with various local bands. Quickly a strong following developed, which immediately precipitated a self titled cassette release of six tracks on the Ikthus Network label. After having missed their own billing at a show, the band was introduced to Eric Cope of Insight Records from San Francisco, CA. He offered them a contract with Insight after reviewing their cassette and video work. The band accepted and began recording their first LP, 'Thickly Settled' in California where they were welcomed by receptive audiences. 'Thickly Settled' was hailed as one of the best albums of the year by England's Underground Magazine, and also met favorable reception in the U.S. of A. None of the members of Spahn Ranch had any formal music training and had not played an instrument prior to forming the group. "The sound they create is tense and raw, not polished to distract from the music itself. Drummer Odell Nails lays down a thick, almost tribal drum beat, accompanied by Hobey Echlin's bass foundation for the music. Guitarist Brad Horowitz adds the energetic, consuming guitar melodies, changing the tunings for each song in order to make no two sets alike. Bob Sterner's vocals with a touch of folk influence, mesh with the instrumental sounds that give the finished product, intense music which envelopes and audience." 

Odell and Hobey played in shoegaze band Majesty Crush in the 90's.  Recently Odell also plays with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). 
This album was originally posted on Lost In Tyme.

Thickly Settled LP (Insight-SR-1291987-1987)
1. Witness
2. Lo & Behold
3. Echoes Of The Day
4. Wonder And Perish
5. Dissipation
6. Each Time Centered
7. Atonement
8. Trial
9. Count Down
10. Thickly Settled
11. Crutch
12. ......

Thickly Settled (320)

Thickly Settled - A (FLAC)

Thickly Settled - B (FLAC)

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