Sunday, February 09, 2014

Rhythm And Faith - Time To Run 12"

Sole release of Rhythm And Faith, issued on Future Records in 1983.
Rhythm And Faith's origins lie in Italy as two members of postpunk band Style Syndrome moved to the UK to form a new band. Both Anna and Stefano felt that Style Syndrome was getting nowhere in their homeland so they decided to move to the UK to get more recognition. Not that this helped a lot as I don't think Rhythm And Faith lasted for a long time. To be honest, I don't think that the UK was waiting for another Siouxsie & The Banshees as the songs of Rhythm And Faith remind me a lot of them.
On this 12" they had the help of  Rab, drummer of punk band The Wall.
Style Syndrome never officially released anything back in the day (except contributing a track to the 'Gathered' comp.), but there's an album of  remastered demo tape recordings  released in 2012 on Synthetic Shadows (vinyl) and Infrastition (CD).

Time To Run 12" (Future Records-12 FS 8-1983)
1. Time To Run
2. Young Too Young Girl
3. When The Wind Blows Love Will Die
4. Illusions

Rhythm And Faith (320)

Rhythm And Faith (FLAC)


GruchoMarx said...

Not a great service to the Rhythm & Faith memory this post...behind this record there were the dreams of some guys, originally too far from the wave empire...maybe this record is not the best, but think to the urges of the discographic, the bands were often under the shoes of the discographics (they've changed a lot of very good styles, only to produce their ideas of 'musical product')..anyway, the Style Sindrome production is great, they weren't able to make records only for the old same italian problems: no space for alternative rock, only 'canzonette' ! the Cd collection made in 2012 is fantastic !

Curious Guy said...

Hi Grucio, just to let you know that I like this 12". It's the obvious Siouxsie influence that probably made it difficult to get more recognition, especially in the UK where female fronted postpunk bands were easily tagged as such.

Davideomusic73 said...

thank you so much.have a nice Sunday

GruchoMarx said...

The female vocalist of this band were killed into the heart by the same recurring verdict ('siouxsie like'), during her whole career (and she started to sing in '79 with the Style Sindrome, before as T.M. spa), the only sentence was to have a very similar voice, the wave way to sing was the same for all the female vocalist...this is my opinion. Anyway thanks to share this work. Style Sindrome are back on stage (making 'covers' of the R.& F. too): ciao

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed this one. Thank you for the 320.

Best, NathanG