Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Raining - Awaken At Twilight LP

Third and final release of It's Raining, a moody indie rock band from Detroit.
Matthew Smith seems to be the main man behind It's Raining as he wrote most of the songs, did the production, and was the only constant member of the band.
11 tracks with lots of variety. 'If I Drift' is a short and moody instrumental.
Special guest is Keir McDonald of Viv Akauldren playing keyboards.
The album comes with a poster, a postcard and a leaflet with info on the band. The latter is scanned and included in the file.
It's Raining took their influences (and looks) from the moody guitar wave bands from the UK.

I also ripped the 'Radioland' 12" and 'The Party She Cried' 7" again as HQ MP3's and FLAC. Should be the complete discograpy. (original post here)

Awaken At Twilight LP (Certain Records-CER 1003-1987)
1. Days That Don't Begin
2. Another True Door
3. Moments Like These
4. If I Drift
5. Winter
6. Repeat
7. Christine Is Not Herself Today
8. Upstairs
9. Again
10. In Empty Harbors
11. Awaken At Twilight

Awaken At Twilight (320)

Awaken At Twilight (FLAC)

It's Raining 12"+7" (320)

It's Raining 12"+7" (FLAC)


Anonymous said...

no idea about this fellows but coming from your infinite wisdom I'll take a good listen.Thanks again

Davideomusic73 said...

thank you so much.Nice week!

Davideomusic73 said...

pd.I've just listened sounds heavenly.thank you so much for this great & rare gem.

Anonymous said...

I HAVE THIS VINYL!!! Got it 3 years ago on eBay! I was a big fan back in the KNMS days (where I put them in heavy rotation). Yup, I dig them lots,… My favorite track is 'Another True Door'. We do share sound similarities; good call!

Paul Martz said...

I bought the Radioland EP back in the 1980s at an Ann Arbor MI record store. I've loved it ever since. My curiosity about the band was spiked recently, and a web search turned up this page. THANK YOU for making Awaken At Twilight available. Nice to have some "new" music from this great band.