Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Glass Set

The Glass Set is an indie / shoegaze band with an 80's postpunk influence from Boston, MA.
Their third album "First Image" is to be released early september. Previous albums are "The Glass Set" and "Something Unknown".
The Glass Set is Joel Cohen (guitar), Allen Esser (drums) and Lea Callahan (vocals). Leah also sang for Betwixt and Turkish Delight.

You can stream / download The Glass Set on their bandcamp page:

The Glass Set

2 comments: said...

thanks for posting us on your blog - love, the glass set

Anonymous said...

HEY! is bone orchard the band that sings a song that goes "i was born a mutant but they made me a woman born capable but they asked me to be useful"
i can't find it..and i am not sure that its bone orchard