Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stiff Kittens

Here's another complementary post to one of Highlander's at Cactus Mouth Informer.
I know absolutely nothing of this mid-80's goth band from the UK. The band released 3 records. First one is the 'Contempt' 7". Second one is the 'Happy Now' 7", also released as a 12" with 'Contempt' as extra track. Third and last one is the 'Eternal Blue' 7"/12".
Seems the band had a strong interest in Aleister Crowley as he shows up on every sleeve.
I also posted a scan of the 'Happy Now' 12" sleeve as it is different than the 7".
By the way, 'Contempt' should be a goth/deathrock party dancefloor filler!
Highlander posted the 'Happy Now' 7". Here, you'll find the other two records.

Contempt 7" (Crisis Records-CSS 4-1986)
1. Contempt
2. Light

Happy Now 12" (Crisis Records-CSS 5-1986)
1. Happy Now
2. Collision
3. Contempt

Eternal Blue 12" (Crisis Records-CSS 6-1987)
1. Eternal Blue
2. Pagan Land
3. Killing Time

Stiff Kittens


Highlander said...

Yes, Yes, Yes - thanks for putting these up so quick curious guy and you managed to post a picture of the band !?!? I'm hoping somebody can supply a bit more info about Stiff Kittens as the music deserves it.

Fritz die Spinne said...

If you were a woman, I'd divorce my wife and move to be with you.

I love Curious Guy!

Curious Guy said...

Picture of the band can be found on the back sleeve of the 'Eternal Blue' 12". But no band members' names to be found on either record.
Ahum Fritz, I don't consider a sex change. My girlfriend wouldn't be too happy! Thanks for the offer though :D

Fritz die Spinne said...

Hey CG,
No fears--just a comment to show appreciation! Besides, my wife is a knock-out!

Do you happen to have anything by New Sacristy? Down Below 12" and Letters to Lilly LP, and anything else?

I heard of them from a guy in Belguim who has one or two tracks on samplers...He describes them as the Stooges playing Sisters of Mercy.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Ha ha ha.

Yes, thanks for this C-G, not exactly my usual cup of tea but it is cool and been listening to it all day here in the office (the tea lady is looking like she likes it too!).




Anonymous said...

Could you post the files again, they have been deleted. I was to late :o(

Curious Guy said...

The new link is up Zoon. I included the 'Happy Now' 12" as well.

Marina said...

When I saw that you had posted Stiff Kittens stuff, I nearly cried in joy. I did actually cry a little when I saw that the link is now dead. Is there any way you could post a fresh link or email a new link to me? My email is

By the way, how in HELL did you find anything by Stiff Kittens?

Anonymous said...

anyone have lyrics to song eternal blue?^^??? plz help me.

Anonymous said...

I have the Happy Now single on vinyl.

The band's names are: Steve Dodds, Craig Pickles, Iain Scarlett, Shaun Arnold and Sarah Lea.

They didn't have any real interest in Crowley I don't think, it just looked smart on the sleeves.

From Driffield, East Yorkshire.

All recorded at Slaughterhouse Studios in Driffield.

Iain Scarlett (the singer) is my Dad :)

He will be dead chuffed that people still appreciate his tunes :)

Curious Guy said...

Hello Ally, thanks for leaving a comment and say hello to your dad. I think Stiff Kittens are great. Unfortunately their records are really hard to get these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey, aye I'll tell him all bout this. He will be dead chuffed, I don't think he's ever looked anything up to see if there's anything about them on the internet haha this really is amazing to see.

I didn't even think you could get them anywhere, when was the most recent/where have you last seen a record for sale?

My mum used to have a test press for Eternal Blue, and my dad gave loads of the records to my aunty (incidentally who I got the happy now 7" off) but yeah, this made my day seeing all this haha :)

Just out of interest, where abouts did you first hear of them?

Curious Guy said...

Well I bought the 'Contempt' 7" first and was really impressed. Then I started looking for the 12"s which are very rare these days. Bought them on eBay for high but reasonable prices. It seems that alot of copies are in Spain of all places 'cos it's mostly Spanish sellers who have Stiff Kittens records for sale.

Bimble said...

Oh gosh. This is WAY too much fun.

Okay and we all know Joy Division were originally going to be called Stiff Kittens RIGHT???

Bimble said...

Oh fuck. This is really fucking good. Oh shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I search for it soooo long! Please, can you re-load it??
I can't to download, link doesn't work! :(

Curious Guy said...

I'm busy uploading all the dead link stuff. This one's next!

tarchin said...

thanks mate, i was thinking of ripping these myself from the vinyls but you´ve saved me the trouble (don´t know if i could find a record player either!) - great band, great times

steve dodds said...

i could supply more info, i played guitar n wrote a lot of the songs with the kittens. am currently digitising and mastering unreleased tracks. cheers, steve dodds. myspace/stevedoddshome

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for your comment Steve. Looking forward to hear those tracks. Maybe you should consider a CD reissue of Stiff Kittens. I think some people would be interested in releasing it.
Never stop smiling from time to time ;)

steve dodds said...

cheers will do :0) nice to see the batfish boys on yr list, they were awesome!

Anonymous said...

fix the link

Unknown said...

thanks for posting this up i have eternal blue on 12" but alas no longer have a record player :)

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!