Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hysteria - Compilation Tracks

Highlander at Cactus Mouth Informer posted the Hysteria 'Behind The Veil' 12" yesterday and asked for the 2 comp. tracks I have. Well, here they are. Hysteria sounds a bit more punky on these and were probably recorded before the 12".
The tracks appear on the 'Life Is A Joke' comp. LP released in 1984 on Weird System, a German punk and hardcore label. The other bands on this comp. are in the punk/hardcore style: Fang(US), Civil Dissident(Australia), Razzia(Germany), Savage Circle(Italy), Inocentes(Brazil), Shit S.A.(Spain),
Riot Squad S.A. (South-Africa) and Terveet Kädet(Finland).
Don't forget to download the Hysteria 12". You can also find great stuff by Belfegore and the Stiff Kittens there.

Comp. Tracks
1. Oblivion
2. Silent Hate

Get both tracks HERE.


Highlander said...

Many thanks curious guy - looking forward to hearing these 2 tracks.

Highlander said...

took the liberty of 'acquiring' your scan of the Behind The Veil cover aswell (far better quality than mine) - hope thats OK

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure Highlander. No problem using the sleeve scan.

CkoviNS said...

This link doesn't work...please if you can re-up.

Vicko, Novi Sad

Curious Guy said...

Get the tracks here:

CkoviNS said...


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I think they're the best band, Hysteria is one of my favorites, specially when they use the punk like a weapon. All is about riots and protest by the music, the German punk never die, this is an example and most of the readers can support my opinion.