Saturday, September 20, 2008

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7"

Here's the 2nd comp. 7" on the Vinyl Drip label. Has 4 bands from Blackpool and area all within the postpunk/indie sound.
I think that only Sign Language released anything else (see post below).
Can't find any info on the other bands. Love 30 play an instrumental.
Blackpool Rox was also a punkzine done by Andy Higgins. He still runs it as Blackpool Rox II.

Got a comment from Sign Language member Laurence and he wants to upload tracks from their self-released tape if there's any interest.

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7" (Vinyl Drip-V.D. 010-1983)
1. Sign Language - The Killing
2. Love 30 - Touchdown
3. Fifth Column - Laugh While You Can
4. Crack House - Jesus Loves You

Blackpool Rox 2


W. said...

Do you know a Reading area compilation LP called "Beyond The River"? It's got a few seriously good bands on it including The Stills and Dig Dig Dig. I'd love to hear it.

Curious Guy said...

Don't know this one W. I've searched on google but nothing came up. Must be rare I guess.

Curious Guy said...

Just found out there was a copy on eBay last month. Sold for GBP42!
Here's the tracklist:
Side One
1 El Seven - Under Control
2 Dig Dig Dig - Behind The Wall
3 The Ballistics - Chinese Jungle
4 Shrinking Men - Marginally Adjusted
5 Shrinking Men - Visitors
6 Access - Short
Side Two
1 The Stills - Obsession
2 A1 Vegetables - It's All In The Past Now
3 Movita - Orange Coma
4 The Beating Hearts - The Wrap Me Up
5 St. Vitus Dance - I've Been Used
6 The Erection Set - Foochi Capesta

W. said...

The Mighty Ballistics were good too.

Thanks for finding the info, maybe someone will rip'n'post it one day.

Unknown said...

That Sign Language EP is great, so I'd definitely like to hear more. The stuff you've been posting lately is great! Thanks!

profitis said...


i ripped my Beyond the River LP copy several years ago - will try to find the CDR and post it for you.


W. said...

That would be fantastic...

Thank You Dimitris!

Curious Guy said...

Looking forward to it Dimitris. Thanks in advance.

profitis said...

Here is the link, you could move it to the main section if you like - it is a nice comp, however not great (in my opinion)...

BTW, speaking of "Blackpool Rox", the first EP (volume 1 from 1980) contains one of the earliest Section 25 songs ("Red voice")...

profitis said...

W. said...

Dimitris, you're a STAR. Do you have a blog?

I agree that Beyond The River is not great, it's got some real poppy rubbish on it, but I still think it's got several outstanding tracks on it. I come from Reading and had seen most of the bands on the LP and already had my favourites, so maybe I was biased.

Anyway, it'll be good to hear it again, I sold my copy in the 90's to some guy in Greece.

Many thanks... (and thanks Phoenix for hosting this conversation).

Anonymous said...

I was one of the 2 members of Crack House. Just myself and Nick Brown. The song Jesus Loves You was a song we previously did as the four piece "the Frets"..

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the first Blackpool Rox EP, with Section 25, Membranes, Ken Turner Set and Syntax. I saw a mint copy on sale for £75. I can't imagine no. 2 is worth that much, but seeing as I lost my copies of EP1 and EP2 many years ago, I'd like to get them back in my collection. Still, at leat I have MP3 of Crack House now... thanks !

Curious Guy said...

Hello Johnny, thanks for leaving comments here. The 2nd EP is not that expensive if you find one. The 1st one is way harder to get or more expensive, probably of Section 25 appearing on it.
Did you record more as Crack House or only this song?

daft skunk said...

Blackpool Rox fanzine was done by John Robb from the Membranes who also compiled both Blackpool Rox EP's.
Andy Higgens was given permission by Robb to start the fanzine again as Blackpool Rox 2.
The first Blackpool Rox EP regularily sells for between £50 and £100 probably because of Section and the Membranes whose back catalogue is always quite expensive on ebay etc.

Anonymous said...

HI music lovers....small request if I may.....the link to "Beyond the River" is deaded.....any chance of a re-upload?Love to hear it....many thanx.....Mel

Chris said...

I have a copy of Beyond The River on vinyl if anyone wants to make me an offer. I was in the Shrinking Men, good times. I did a website if anyone's interested in further info.

Curious Guy said...

Hi Chris and thanks for commenting. Already had a quick look on the Shrinking Men's site. Not very lucky with gigs and the police. Still need to listen to the tunes.
All the best.