Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sign Language - Belief And Other Propaganda 12"

Cool indie/postpunk from this Blackpool band Sign Language. This 12" was their only release and an early one on Fire Records. There's another song 'The Killing' that appears on the 2nd 'Blackpool Rox' comp. 7" issued on Vinyl Drip Records. I'll post that one in the future.
Sign Language formed in 1981 as a punkband but moved more to a new wave/postpunk sound over the years.
The band has reformed and occasionally do some low-key gigs.

Sign Language on MySpace

Belief And Other Propaganda 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 6-1986)
1. Belief
2. Look-Out
3. From Dream To Dream
4. Release

Sign Language


Anonymous said...

They actually self released a tape with about a dozen tracks on it as well. Still playing gigs in Blackpool from time to time.

Toxik Boys said...

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Curious Guy said...

Would be great to hear that tape. Didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curious, thanks for the link, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurence here from Sign Language

I'll try and dig out the tape if I can find it, and upload some of the tracks if anyone's interested.

You can find some recent live footage on Marks page here.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Laurence,
thank you for leaving a comment. I'm definitely interested in hearing that tape.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

this album is absolutely fantastic!!!
ad my name on the list to hear the lost tape!!

Anonymous said...

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