Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haunted Staircase - "Flutters" 7"

Another obscure gem from the UK. Don't know when this 7" was released but I guess mid-80's.
Haunted Staircase claim this single as a homage to Hitchcock as they use the cut-up technique used by Hitchcock in his films.
They also wanted to create a new kind of love song as well as a new kind of dance music. There's a manifesto that accompanies this 7" which I scanned and included in the file.
Actually it's quite nice synthpop with a cabaret-like feel.

"Flutters" 7" (Rabbit Records Ltd-STEW 101-198?)
1. Flutters (A New Kind Of Love Song)
2. Something For The Children (A New Kind Of Lullaby)

Haunted Staircase


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It was interesting, odd but enjoyably so.

mescalito said...
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mescalito said...

It was released in 1981. I guess that make this release even more interesting