Sunday, December 06, 2009

Immortal - Blind Birds LP

Sole album of this wave band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Got this one already a year ago from someone who didn't want it anymore (thanks!). Doesn't show up for sale that often.
Maybe a little late for the trend but nice wave songs with the obvious influences.

NOTE: as you've already noticed, I didn't do some posts for a while. The reason is that my girlfriend and I bought a house recently and the last weeks we moved everything and made it somewhat suitable to live in. The house needs a lot of renovation. So expect my posts to be quite irregular. Also my record collection is stashed away so that makes it harder to search and find a record to rip and post. Hope you understand. Till later.

Blind Birds LP (Stichting Art Music-08-024510-20-1988)
1. Scouts
2. Two Sides
3. Leaders
4. The Acorn
5. The Night
6. Blind Birds
7. Klan



Unknown said...

Hope you are well, and good luck with the renovating ... bizarre as just posted another one by a different Immortal just now. Spooky dooky!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you both<3

Anonymous said...

Thanks cool post punk blog

Rem said...

Thanks again great music

Highlander said...

Take your time Curious Guy and good luck with the house.

Capa Nostra said...

Thank for this and have a great house renovation. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

link is dead.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!