Sunday, February 14, 2010

V/A The Lives Of Lhasa LP

A compilation of bands that played at the Lhasa Club in Hollywood, California. All tracks recorded live in the club.
A mix of art rock, indie rock and more experimental stuff.
Fibonaccis is art rock. First 12" released on Index Records (Wall Of Voodoo, The Thought,...).
Pell Mell is an instrumental indie rock band that released a few albums on SST.
Necropolis Of Love is a great, goth-sounding band that released one 7" and two 12"s. The 'Hope' 12" can be found here. The 'Talk' 7" here. Still need to hear the 'In Search Of...' 12".
Food And Shelter released a great but extremely rare album 'Square Dance' on Resistance Records (17 Pygmies).
Michael Peppe released a few tapes with his music and monologues.
Henry Rollins offers a spoken word piece here.
Don't know anything about the other acts.

V/A The Lives Of Lhasa LP (Lhasa Productions-1984)
1. Fibonaccis - Disgusting Man
2. Pell Mell - The Country And The City
3. Linda J. Albertano - Me And My Chauffeur Blues
4. Necropolis Of Love - The Tunnel
5. Food And Shelter - Current Events
6. Les Toulose - Black Gear On
7. Pink Mink - Devils, Devils
8. Michael Peppe - Speechless
9. Henry Rollins - This Guy Came Home From Work

The Lives Of Lhasa


Fritz die Spinne said...

Fibonaccis were a lot of fun. They have a compilation CD that is easy to track down.

As to Necropolis of Love, I have their recorded works compiled, and also this live gig:
The Graffiti - Jan 31st 1985

http://www. bestii. com/NoL/live/NoL__1985-01-31__Graffitis/

Harold said...

Thank you!!!

Psy Guy said...

Nice mix, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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The band plays jazz music but their songs are also classified under electronica. It's interesting how both jazz and electropop were merged into one by this band!

Please contact me at doc_alma_jones AT yahoo DOT com. Tell me if you're interested in posting my article so that I can send it to you. Thanks for your time!


Anonymous said...

YES! I've been looking for this compilation, especially for NoL. Thank you!

Andreas said...

Thanks for posting this thing, but the download link doesn't seem to work any more. Is there any chance you could re-upload it (or at least the Food And Shelter track, since that's the one I'm really looking for)? That would be very nice.

Andreas from Germany

Curious Guy said...

Hello Andreas, thanks for visiting. New link is up. Enjoy!

Andreas said...

Thanks a lot!!