Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blue Cross - Demo

Normally I don't plug new bands here as my focus is on 80's underground. But I make an exception here.
Blue Cross is one of the many side-bands of Ottowa punkband Germ Attak. Met these young punks at a gig here in Belgium and they are friendly guys.
Most of the sidebands are punk/hardcore sounding but Jo formed Blue Cross, a band with a strong early 80's goth/deathrock sound. Cool eerie guitars (flanger), tribal drums and female vocals, always a plus!
Only 3 songs but worth a listen.

And The Wizard posted a tape of another cool band of punks doing the goth thing: Bellicose Minds.

1. Everything I Despise
2. Tough Days
3. Face The Aggression

Blue Cross


Chloe Adeline said...

Wowow! I <3 "Face The Aggression" especially. Thank you.

CkoviNS said...

I agree that "Facing the aggression" is extra...

Michelle said...

Awesome demo! Any way of getting hold of them? I'd like to play them on our radio show :)

Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool Beans!

This is exactly the sort of direction I appreciate most from the Gothic sort of sound, despite my appreciation of so many 90's Goth bands.
Been a fan of Bellicose minds a few months now, and glad to have some more sounds of them.

Curious Guy said...

Michelle, Germ Attak is on tour in April in South East Asia & Japan.
They have a MySpace page, and the contact address is:
P.O. Box 53008
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 1C5, Canada.
No email address I'm afraid.

Michelle said...

Thanks! :)

Slow Pulse Girl said...

Bellicose Minds are Killer !!!

disabelle said...

Jo can be reached at:


theamebix(a t)yahoo.com

Absolute Ruler said...

interessant. check ik! tot gauw. (ik verstuur asap je ROD's).

blue cross blue shield said...

Cool! Despite of other bands, this is exactly the best Gothic sounds i ever heard. nice blue cross demo.

Necrotico said...

Excelente banda.
muy buen aporte

Anonymous said...

Nice! also check this out:

mental rescue said...

the Blue Cross LP can be downloaded at: http://www.mediafire.com/?c1qi018ls0yic3n#1