Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts - s/t 7"

Here's a pretty rare 7" of some weird NDW for you. Don't know anything about Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts. Heard them on some comp. tape posted elsewhere. They also appear on the 'Auftakt' comp. LP and 'Night Of The Banshee' CD.
Lyrics of 'Die Nacht' (by Otto Ernst Hesse) from the movie "Tanz auf dem Vulkan".
First song is Chinese for '(Wir Sind) Gute Freunde'.
One of the early Zensor releases.

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts 7" (Zensor-CM 03-1982)
1. Tuō Men Xiōng Hǎopéngyou
2. Die Nacht
3. Kreisel

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts


Unknown said...

This record is spot on. Very very good.

Anonymous said...

weird indeed

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Please, anybody re-up

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New link. Enjoy!