Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ministry Of Love - Wide Awake And Dreaming MLP

For those who like Red Temple Spirits: here's the band that came before them.
William Faircloth originally came from England and teams up with Roger Beall and multi-instrumentalist Mark Nine to deliver 5 tracks of postpunk with a strong 60's psyche influence. Early Pink Floyd comes to mind.
Ministry Of Love is a bit more psyche than Red Temple Spirits. They made a perfect mix of both styles on their 2 albums and the 'New Land' 7".

Wide Awake And Dreaming MLP (Underworld Records - R 9002-2 - 1987)
1. Nuclear Stone Age
2. Psychic Nation
3. You're Not On Your Own
4. Living In The Moment
5. This Magic Kingdom

Ministry Of Love


Anonymous said...

so great to hear this again! i read your comment that you will post less music here. well i hope that's not true. i have found so many old & new favorites here. real important work you are doing here.

brant graff
portland, or

Curious Guy said...

Enjoy Brant.

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE re-post? Looking all over for this! Just became a fan of Red Temple Spirits and lamenting how few releases they produced! Hope this will offer some relief!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!! truly appreciate the re-posting!