Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sepher - City Hunter 12"

Unknown new wave (not cold) band from Marseille, France. Think this is the only release of Sepher.
Last song (and best IMO) is co-written by Patrick Martinez of Martin Dupont. He also produced this 12".

City Hunter 12" (Lice Records-ST 26-1985)
1. Indochis
2. Jenny Bondage
3. Magazine Game



Picard said...

Good evening,

I have to correct some informations about this band: from what I learned in a book about cultural life in Marseille (1995), Sepher has released three records: 1 CD, 1 EP and 1 45rpm single.

I listened to the CD (released in the 90's) and it sounded a bit like Peter Gabriel.
I have also found a page about the 45rpm (1984):

I can't find a lot of ressources on the web.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Picard. Didn't know that.

Voorhees said...

can you reupload this please ?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!