Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sordicity - The Demimonde Must Die MC

Sorry for the long wait but I'll post stuff very irregularly in the future. Don't have a lot of interesting music to post for the moment so I'll only post stuff that I'll find interesting enough and isn't featured on other blogs.
Got this tape a while ago. Cool deathrock sounding stuff from one-man band Sordicity from Virginia. Mike Roché is the man behind Sordicity and I think he listened to early Christian Death a lot. No further info. 8 tracks and an outro.
On the sleeve he thanks God Almighty, which is quite strange for a guy doing this stuff. Also the concept of God always feels awkward to me. Raised a catholic but turned atheist in my teens. In my opinion man created God and not vice versa. Off course anyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs as long as they don't organise and try to shove their belief down other's throats.
But it's about the music here. Enjoy some unknown deathrock stuff.

The Demimonde Must Die MC (Gothic Records-1986)
1. Return To Insanity
2. The Chosen Life
3. Holy Orders
4. Death By Zero
5. Monred's Distress
6. '86 Witch
7. Desperation
8. The Whores Are From Hell
9. Outro



Anonymous said...

If you see the world all around you, you might see that everything have an order and a reason to be. God made the natural world, God made you, and whatever happens, He loves you.

Whatever... this is an awesome recording. Thank you for this. If you have more deathrock... it would be great.


Anonymous said...

No worries. God is supposed to make you uncomfortable. If he didn't get a single response in you, that is a bad thing. I agree also, is strange to see that in the credit. I can't really tell though if it is in sarcast. Either way, good music. Thanx

Ten Thousand Eyes said...

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Anonymous said...

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Gustavo Vargas said...

Please, can you re-up? Thank you.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!