Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Davidsons - Muscle Jerks 12" / Astronaut 12"

Well, here's the last post on Cake. 2 records of The Davidsons. Can't find any info on them. Quite similar to the Pigbros. There's a hyperactive rhythm box active on a few tracks which will ennerve some people I guess.

Muscle Jerks 12" (Cake-12 PIECE 4-1987)
1. I Didn't Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Roll
2. Legs In Sync
3. Middle Class
4. Beautiful
5. Dress Me Up
6. 1980s Tribal Master
7. Buy Up!

Astronaut 12" (Cake-12 PIECE 6-1988)
1. Like An Astronaut
2. My Feet Don't Touch
3. Astronaut (Big Hullaballoo Mix)

The Davidsons


I am Shelly Kelly said...

I have an Eleven Sons 12" still in the plastic wrapper. Know anyone who would be interested?

the Black Purl said...

I LOVE this album. Thanks so much!

keefurban said...

Steve chandrasonic from asian dub foundation played on the first album. He was the lead singer and guitarist in the atom spies, he went on to join higher intelligence agency with Bobby Bird and then Asian Dub Foundation.
Nick Bliss lead vocalist from the Davidsons reformed the band and called it sherrif b's deputees. Fuzz townsend from pwei made a few guest appearances and recorded a few tracks with them. They played the fringe at edinburgh festival supporting the custard factory theatre company. Vocalist keith rotimi went on to play with handsworth afro bloc and dave twist's the filipinos.

Curious Guy said...

New link for The Davidsons. Enjoy!