Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Skinner Box link removed

Got a mail from Mediafire (not Blogger) that the link to the Skinner Box album had to be removed due to copyright violation. This is the first time that this has happened to me in the 4,5 years I'm doing this blog.
Thanks to Julianna Towns for contacting the AMPU instead of writing a nice comment to us, music-lovers, that you prefer this out-of-print album not to be shared for whatever reason. I would've removed the link immediately.
If there's some misunderstanding and Julianna has nothing to do with this, I give my sincere apologies.
Luckily there are more ex-band members of different bands I posted here before who have absolutely no problem posting their music for free, and are happy that people still enjoy the music they made 20+ years ago.

edit: the album will be reissued any time soon. If I have more info, I'll share it for all those interested.


Anonymous said...

I know it may seem upsetting, but we are in the process of reissuing this material, and though from your point of view it might seem to do a service to share it were it not currently in the production stage, I would be inclined to agree. Instead, we must be a bit more aggressive. It's nothing personal. We will let you know when the release is closer to the date, and will be happy to share with you.


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for your reply Johanna. Didn't know that you're working on a reissue.
And yes it felt a bit aggressive from your side. Just that I like to prefer communicating on a more personal level.
Looking forward to the reissues. You can always let me know when they're ready. I'll promote them here.

MIke Brandon said...

Keep up the great work / blog.

much appreciated.

cheers from NYC

Harold said...

have learned more about music i subsequently have or would be willing to buy here than anywhere. thank you for taking the time to re-frame so many *forgotten* gems! :)

Ten Thousand Eyes said...

Hello, I had the same problem with a link removed. It was the Italian compilation "Something about Joy Division" (http://dekaxiliadesmatia.blogspot.com/2011/05/va-something-about-joy-division-vox-pop.html) I uploaded to mediafire and then a message came from mediafire saying that the file was deleted and that sony records demanded it. It was the first time it happened to me.
Besides all, kepp up the great work!!

Sagan said...

Honestly, I think it's rude and immature to do that. More importantly, those musicians should be thankful to you for sharing their music. There are countless releases I would never have been fortunate enough to hear, were it not for this blog. Keep up the brilliant posting!

P@ndora said...

Guys - let's keep the record straight, ok? The "correct way round" would be to ask the copyright holder for permission BEFORE posting their music...

Don't get me wrong: I love this blog and many others and I have been introduced to some outrageous music I never would have been able to find by myself.

However, don't start complaining about if/when/how a musician choses to have their legal property removed.

Keep up the great work, P@ndora

Anonymous said...

eh, it'd have been a little more civilized if they'd written to the person running this blog and gone the legal route if they didn't get anywhere. they way the band handled this is just kind of rude and makes me less inclined to seek out their music.

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There's no doubt, the guy is completely right.