Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Scarecrows - 12"s

Here's both releases of Birmingham indie band The Scarecrows. Formed in 1982 out of the ashes of Bible Belt (with Dave Kusworth).
The original idea was to be a pop band although Jeremy Thirlby was added as guitarplayer as the songs lacked edge.
Sometimes the band got lumped in with the goth stuff much to the disgrace of some of the members while the others didn't mind.
The Scarecrows played with Balaam And The Angel, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Waterboys.
For a complete history of the band, check Jeremy's myspace blog.
The Deep End 12" has an interesting cover of 'Submission' by The Sex Pistols.
Swordfish Records was a local label that also released stuff by Lilac Time, Zodiac Motel, Surf Drums and Dave Kusworth.

Napalm With Silver 12" (Swordfish Records-SWF 001-1984)
1. Napalm With Silver
2. The Birdman Of Alcohol
3. Vaudeville
4. Y'Can't Hold The Light

The Deep End.Jade 12" (Swordfish Records-SWF 002-1984)
1. The Deep End
2. Jade
3. Submission

The Scarecrows


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