Sunday, October 09, 2011

Metal Doughnut Band - s/t 12"

 Here's one for the Yeah Yeah Noh fans, although Metal Doughnut Band sounds completely different than YYN.
Released on Vuggum, the label that also released the Peel Session LP of Yeah Yeah Noh.
The Metal Doughnut Band has Andy Nicholls in the band and the cover for this 12" was done by Sue Dorey, drummer of YYN.
Two tracks only unfortunately. Quite experimental stuff, rhythmic, with sax and synths and voice samples.
Funny to read the runout groove stating 'Makes Yeh Yeh Noh Sound Like Barry Manilow'. Nice to see that bands/musicians don't take themselves too seriously.
Did find out that maybe they appear on the 'Let's Cut A Rug' comp. album as the Doughnut Metal Band. Maybe that's a typo on Discogs or on the sleeve of the record. Don't own it so I don't know.

Metal Doughnut Band 12" (Vuggum-BAAD 1-1985)
1. Out Damned Spot
2. Laura Norder

Metal Doughnut Band

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Sam Pollheimer said...

Weirdly enough, my old chemistry teacher was in the Metal Doughnut Band!