Sunday, October 23, 2011

V/A Bites & Stabs LP

 First comp. album released on Torment Records, the label of The Second Coming. A collection of bands from Surrey and the area around.
As with all compilations, this one has outstanding stuff and less interesting ones.
Party Day, The Second Coming and Silent Scream are the best ones here and you can find all their other releases in my archives. Monk De Wally De Honk and Fractured Echo (track taken from a 3-track 7") are OK too. Don't care too much for the other bands.
The second comp. "Torn In Two" will follow soon.

V/A Bites & Stabs LP (Torment Records-TOR 1-1985)
1. Party Day - Borderline
2. The Juvies - Breakin' It Up
3. Mr. Pye - Face And Hands
4. Silent Scream - Shimmering
5. Mark Jackson - I'm So Arty
6. The Second Coming - Scarecrows
7. No Picnic - Shipwrecked
8. Swing - I'm Unwilling
9. Fractured Echo - Tunnel
10. Monk De Wally De Honk - D-Day
11. The Second Coming - Thorns

Bites & Stabs


redo said...

one song/video of this

Party Day - Borderline

Anonymous said...

Merci! Alles van The Second Coming is altijd meer dan welkom.

Slow Pulse Girl said...

Excellent ! can't wait to hear the Party Day track

Anonymous said...

Amazing post, I was looking for this compilation for a long time.

Thank you so much !

Billy, Athens, Greece

Curious Guy said...

Hope you enjoy this comp. although not every band is that interesting.