Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Reprisal - Child / Hybrid 7"

Pretty obscure UK post-punk/goth 7". Not a lot known about A Reprisal. Formed by Martin Jackson in 1983. There's also a demo recorded before this 7" with a different line-up.
A Reprisal played with Play Dead and Southern Death Cult.
Posted on Return To The East before, but here's a 320kbps rip from my own copy. A bit of crackling on the end of 'Child' that I couldn't remove. Otherwise a very clean copy.

Child / Hybrid 7" ((Self Released-R001 C SRT4KS276-1983)
1. Child
2. Hybrid

A Reprisal


Anonymous said...

Hello Do you have it in flac?
Will be awesome
Thank you

Ludwig from Berlin

Curious Guy said...

Sorry no. Older rip and I can't convert directly from wav to flac on my PC. Maybe in the future?

northern guy said...

I don't hope i come across as ungrateful but i too feel that a lot of the music you're posting deserves to be heard in uncompressed sound quality. Most of it is unavailable on cd and i'm still not ready to start buying the old vinyl.
If you can't convert to flac but have the music in wav, then why not post them. There are plenty of free programs out there who converts wav to flac in seconds.
Thanks for awesome blog

Curious Guy said...

Your commentary isn't ungrateful, don't worry. Well I need to re-rip it and than convert to flac. I'll see what I can do in the future. My record collection is stashed away due to renovation work. Almost finished so then I'll look into it.
Thanks for the support.

Curious Guy said...

I just noticed that I can convert with FreeRip which I have on my PC. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I feel it IS ungrateful. If you want to own the highest quality possible, buy the vinyl yourself and do the work. If not, you'll have to settle for the mp3s.

The nerve of some people...

Pops said...

yeah buy the record! and buy a couple more for me too :PPP
cause due to the fact that i am a liiittle behind in the vinyl purchase thing..(just found the eleven sons 12" though..eternal grateful,didnt know them until i downloaded them from this blog)..
Well you would do me a favour..The Reprisal 7 inch is one of the finest..
Hamburg calling..cheers..

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi all i"am Martin Jackson the guitarist and founder of A Reprisal, i"ve just found all this stuff about the band on here...thx for still talking about us after all this time, i"am still writing music (solo) so if you want to have a listen go here...