Saturday, February 11, 2012

Westdeutsche Christen - s/t LP

Second release of Berlin's Joy Division influenced Westdeutsche Christen. Their first one is a 12" 'Lass Mich Nicht Allein' released by the band themselves in 1980. Has some minimalist punkwave tracks on it but sounds quite unfinished. This album is way better in my opinion.
This album was released in 1982 on Good Noise, a label some people will know from some of the Leningrad Sandwich records.
Posted on Brotbeutel before (thanks for introducing me to this), and higher quality rip thanks to bX-59cppw.

Link provided to those who like the flac format. Can't convert wav to flac on my pc for the moment, so I had to burn to cdr and then rip it using FreeRip. Hope everything worked fine.

Westdeutsche Christen LP (Good Noise - VGNS 2009-1982)
1. Ich Möchte Mit Dir Tanzen
2. Ich Höre Schritte
3. Das Schöne Im Leben
4. Spielende Kinder
5. Endzeitlust
6. Monoton
7. Leiden
8. Ich Schau Mich Um
9. Liebeslied

Westdeutsche Christen - 320

Westdeutsche Christen - FLAC


Holly said...

Thank you!

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Curious Guy said...

I accidentally deleted this comment:
cool to find this record postet here :)
the singer was a friend of mine, unfortunately we lost contact a few years ago. by the way, originally they were from the lower saxony area, hameln/bodenwerder,(south of hannover)but moved to berlin pretty early.
some of their album's tracks are really great post-punk in the true 80's vein und would have perfectly fittet on the infamous "godfathers of german gothic" comps.
keep on the work on this great blog please!

Sorry anonymous.

Ten Thousand Eyes said...

Hello my friend, that was a great LP, an NDW gem. Thank you!!
-The Psychopomp

Anonymous said...

btw ... something i forgot to mention in my first post ... between their 12" (which was actually relased in 1981, not 1980)and their album the band recorded another 12" for the Hamburg based Zick Zack label, that unfortunately never saw the light of day, although it was already announced in underground papers :(

Anonymous said...

Fantastic thank you

Curious Guy said...

New links for Westdeutsche Christen.

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!