Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colours - Dierdre Is An Artist 7"

Another gift by bX-59cppw.
Cool DIY UK new wave/postpunk. Title track appears on one of the UK Messthetics comp. CDR series.
Not a lot of info on them. Simon Matthews was in the Rest before and took most songs from that band to the Colours.

Dierdre Is An Artist 7" (See Saw Sounds-SAW 1-1980)
1. Dierdre Is An Artist
2. Over My Head
3. Facts Of Life


Colours - FLAC


MIke Brandon said...

very cool.

cheers from downtown NYC.

Curious Guy said...

Hi, added you to my blog list as well. Nice to see you back.

mowgle said...

both strange and familiar. synth sound in 'diedre in an artist' is to die for. thank you for the download, grand blog too.

Curious Guy said...

FLAC rip for Colours 7" included.

Curious Guy said...

New link for Colours (FLAC). Enjoy!