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Astaron - LP / 12"

Long time no post.
Found out about this great dark new wave band from Austria through A Viable Commercial, Goutroy's blog.
Don't know why this hasn't been reissued yet.
Astaron was a female duo Angie Mörth and Martina Aichhorn. Their first release was a cassette 'Das Grauen aus Dem All / As I Start. It was presented as a split tape with Asstart which is Astaron under a different name. Second release was also a cassette 'As Time Joins In / The Slurring'. It seems that the LP is the same as this tape minus some tracks. The 12" was their last release as the band split up in 1989.
Angie Mörth alos appeared on the Angie 'Scheue Treue' 7" (1983) and also played in Viele Bunte Autos. Viele Bunte Autos did a split 7" with Karl Gott in 1982 an also appears on the 'Austreibung' comp. tape (Astaron also appear on this tape). Klanggalerie released a retrospective CD of Viele Bunte Autos in 2007.
WAV provided by bX59-cppw and converted to FLAC by yours truly.

Astaron LP (Ton Um Ton Records-TUT 1187-1987)
1. Black Galley
2. Finale - The Burning
3. Little Girl Crying
4. St. John's Fire
5. As Time Joins In
6. Torch-Light Procession
7. In An Absence
8. Sea-Blue Ladies
9. Collecting Bones
10. The Slurring / Untitled

Astaron 12" (Bugel Records-TUT 760 030-1988)
1. Lance The Ensemble
2. The Icequeen
3. Golden Carriage
4. It

Get the HQ MP3 rips from A Viable Commercial.

Astaron LP

Astaron 12"


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I hate to ask but could this possibly get re-upped? I have an old mp3 copy, but would love the chance to get this in FLAC. Many thanks.

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