Friday, September 27, 2013

Schröttersburg - Demo 2013

Got a mail from Michal out of Poland to promote his band Schröttersburg. He describes their sound as a mix of postpunk and noiserock. Cool stuff.
As there are no new posts planned with older stuff, I can as well post some new, interesting bands that somehow fit with the music posted here before.

Schröttersburg site

Listen on Bandcamp



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Anonymous said...

Forcing people tu use .exe downloader app is reckless and dangerous. If this is this blogs new policy. I choose to boycott.

Curious Guy said...

Link provided by the band. And you don't need to use .exe downloader. Click on top of page that states d.e.m.o. - 2013.schrott.rar and it works fine.

Anonymous said...

You can only "click" on inscription
d.e.m.o. - 2013.schrott.rar
You dont need do use sxs downloader etc.

Unknown said...

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