Friday, November 01, 2013

The Harrow - s/t EP

Great female-fronted cold wave postpunk band from Brooklyn. Two members were in Revel Hotel before.. One of them is Frankie Deserto AKA Frankie Teardrop of the Systems Of Romance blog. He was also a member of Dream Affair and The Funeral Crashers. Another wellknown member is Greg Fasolino of 80's goth band The Naked And The Dead and later in Bell Hollow.
No free download as requested by the band but you can check stream/download on the Function Operate bandcamp page.
This EP is a cassette-only release. Be sure to check other stuff on Function Operate as well.

The Harrow Bandcamp


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I have just been and bought the EP download. I'm always happy to buy stuff that I like and blogs like yours make me aware of stuff in the first place - thank you


frankie teardrop said...

Thanks for posting about this, CG. Really appreciate it!

Jim said...

why is the bandcamp down now, i wonder

Curious Guy said...

I wouldn't know. Maybe ask Frankie of Systems Of Romance blog.

frankie teardrop said...

Hi guys,
It's a long story with Function Operate. Basically, they disappeared off the face of the earth without sending anyone copies of our cassette, took their money (and our tapes) and ran. So we don't have any copies available of the cassette and all the ones that the label has are considered lost.

We DO have a new 7'' on aufnahme+wiedergabe as well as a new digital 7'' on EverythingIsChemical. We're working on our full length. As for the tape, you can get a digital copy on our own bandcamp. Here's some links for all of the above: