Sunday, March 02, 2014

Geschlecht Akt - Foreplay 12"

UK postpunk band Geschlecht Akt only released this 12" on cult label Criminal Damage. Nothing spectacular but if you dig other bands on Criminal Damage, it's worth hearing.
I have no info on the band but I think the drummer went to play for The Men They Couldn't Hang.
The name of the band is German for intercourse and looking at the title of the record and the song titles I suppose the lyrics have an erotic twist.

Foreplay 12" (Criminal Damage Records-CRI 12-119-1984)
1. Miss Fortune
2. Libido Twist
3. Temptress

Geschlecht Akt (320)

Geschlecht Akt (FLAC)


Anonymous said...

i liked a lot the previous albums you presented.i'll try this one as well. Endless thanks from argentina

Davideomusic73 said...

thank you very much.happy week

Unknown said...

all last week listened GA. Thanx for some information about band

Fritz die Spinne said...

One other track, The Slave, appears on a sampler. Sadly, my notes on which are MIA. They also appear (with The Temptress) on the Criminal Damage sampler, Backlash! (Original Film Soundtrack). I had this posted when my blog was up. Great to have a new rip!