Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hits $ Corruption

"1985 - 86. Yet more dross and drivel from the corporate claw...the song remains inane, or, more appropriately, the formula remains profitable. They're laughing themselves stupid in those boardrooms...this must be a capital wetdream; all profit and no risk. Why stick your multinational neck into the murky world of product development when obscure little labels will charge around quite happily developing those noisy little bands with their strange cultural references and, as often as not, peculiar political allegiances.
And then...every now and then, up pops a new sound which we, the flacid consumer, is only too happy to spend our spare pennies on. Hey Presto! A discreet moulding of image here, pop star glad rags there and watch those gold discs roll in. Handshakes all around; except in the basement off course.
Anyway, we at HITS $ CORRUPTION, in an attempt to enter into the spirit of the thing, have had our A. & R. people touring the country in search of that prospective SMASH...the next big thing. From the twisting path of the M-62 as it wends its way twixt lofty Pennine peaks, down to the switchback snarl of Birmingham bound M-5 terror and even further south to that concrete calamity the M-25 orbital. Why, we've done all we can. Now jolly consumer, it's up to you. Tell us who we should pour our investment capital into...which band's name will our accountants misspell? Only you can tell us! Why, here the consumer is king (in a gilded cage naturally)."

Nice compilation of indie artists. Most of them from the UK except The Ex and Eton Crop (Netherlands), and Sonic Youth and Ut (USA).
Cover art by Jon Langford.

Hits $ Corruption LP (HAC 1-1986)
1. Blurt - Poppycock
2. The Ex - Choise
3. A.C. Temple - Cold Recipe
4. Tools You Can Trust - Can Of Worms
5. Carlton B. Morgan And The Supernormals - Einstein For A Walk
6. Muslimgauze - Unwelcome Visitors
7. The Noseflutes - Holidaytime
8. Sonic Youth - World Looks Red
9. Pigbros - What Counts
10. Eton Crop - Red Handled Cutlery
11. Bogshed - Packed Lunch To School
12. Ut - Ampheta Speak
13. Fishwives - Thunderbird Knuckle

Hits $ Corruption


scissorkicks said...

This was a neat compilation. Couple of interesting exclusives on it, as well. Always wondered why Kilgore Trout weren't on there, though.

(CG - if you're not familiar with Kilgore Trout, holler - I think you mike like 'em)

Curious Guy said...

Kilgore Trout rings a bell but I never heard them.

scissorkicks said...

OK.. I'll try to find somewhere to deposit some KT online for you.

I've also got a spare copy of their first 12" - "Quality Control", also on Hits $ Corruption records as well, coincidentally. Would be happy to send you it gratis as it would be going to a good home. You can email me on scissorkicks [at] if you fancy it.


Curious Guy said...

As it's on the same label it should interest me. Will email you soon.

Greg Dash said...

nice record picked it up at a second hand punk vinyl store. i enjoy the pigbros track. any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

His $ Corruption came with a free casette with tracks from (among others) Stump, John Membrane, The Shrubs, Ted Chippington and a Sonic Youth interview.

Anonymous said...

sweet finding this - stumbled onto yr 'blog' searching for 'the moonsters' who had a track on the cassette that accompanied this album... weren't there badges n stuff accomanying it also? also: you might find this interesting

Curious Guy said...

Hello Kell, well my copy didn't have the comp. tape. Think it was called 'Skin And Bone' but I've found it somewhere else. My copy even doesn't have the booklet :(

Yeah Right! said...

came to this looking for info on the cassette that origianlly came with this, specifically whose song "Holy Ground" is on the tape? can anyone help me out on this?

ROOKSBY said...

Ha, it's AGES since I saw this (my copy's stashed away at my folks' I think). Yep, this came with a goodie bag containing comp cassette, badges, stickers, etc - the first Skin & Bone tape (blue cover) was a release in it's own right & not the one that accompanied this LP btw.

Chris Trout runs his own site, from where you can download most of KT's music:

The Moonsters? Did they ever release anything else?

Krischanski said...

Hehe, got a copy with the tape (and the stickers and the batches) at

Tom said...

Sigh - too late! Mediafire link is DOA. Oh well, thanks anyway. Long time follower of PH, but obviously not always on time...

Curious Guy said...

Hi Tom, will do my best to re-up this one. Maybe need to rip it again. So have some patience. Thx.

Curious Guy said...

New rip and link for Hits $ Corruption. Enjoy!