Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Seventh Séance - I Could Forget Myself 12"

Here's a complementary post to one of Highlander's at Cactus Mouth Informer.
The 'I Could Forget Myself' 12" was the 2nd release of the enigmatic Seventh Séance. I also included the extra track of the 12" version of the 'Into The Outside' 7" that Highlander posted. This 12" was actually released as the 'Another Empty Face' 12".
Personally I think the 'The Incision' 12" is their best. Grab it here!
Seventh Séance did 2 tapes, 'Ritual 1' and 'Ritual 2'. Anyone out there who has these?

I Could Forget Myself 12" (Icon Records-IC 002-1983)
1. I Could Forget Myself
2. Fantasy Of Reality
3. I Want To Believe In You
4. I Could Forget Myself (Version)

Another Empty Face 12" (Icon Records-IC 003-1984)
1. Another Empty Face
2. Into The Outside
3. Sinking

Seventh Séance


Highlander said...

thanks for this curious guy - worked out quite well with me posting screaming dead. Quite like the seventh seance sound - cheesey or otherwise ;) - as I listen to enough dirge, it makes a change.

ellanios said...

thank you so much.That was my last wish from the 80's.Searching for it almost 20 years.I feel great

Perro D Chrome said...

Ive been follow your blog for a long ,long time the music that you post is wonderfull its so hard to find music like this,I link you to my blog dedicated to Goth, industrial music.

icon music said...

cheers for the downloads, ours went up in smoke just before xmas.
steve's truth is not quite the truth. steve humphreys played on "another empty face" not this guy.
look out for seventh seance web site - on its way - for more material and info.
posted this on highlanders blog 2.

Curious Guy said...

This must be Winston Detleiv I suppose? Please keep me updated for the Seventh Séance website. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

icon music said...

sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, but we've now got the web site up and running. cds not available yet, but release imminent, check:-
for details. feel free to leave comments as we update the site regularly.
thanks for the postings, was good to update our archives too! (after the fire)