Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Electric Circus - Attractions 12"

Here's another contribution by Ximo of Spain.
Don't know anything about Electric Circus. They were from Spain (Valencia I guess) and I suppose this is the only release. The sound is accessable late 80's wave.
Just wondered why they created such a horrible front sleeve?

Attractions 12" (Plataforma Discos-MLPFB17-1988)
1. Julia
2. Stay There Always
3. Untouchable
4. Somewhere
5. The Dark

Electric Circus


Anonymous said...

At first I thought it said "Electronic Circus" and my mouth dropped open.

Nish said...

I attempted to satisfy your curiosity on the WP subject there in the ITALS post on my blog.
Check it when you get a chance,hopefully I didn't sound like too much of an idiot lol.
It's hard to explain positions by writing.
Have a great day! :)

Oh by the way the Leitmotiv stuff...pretty cool,always liked them.

Curious Guy said...

anon, you mean the UK minimal synth band?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the UK synth. I think they released one single and I've been looking for the b-side with no luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curious Guy, first of all you have a great blog, I thought the song Julia was the song I've been looking, but I'm going to leave a you a couple of links related to boomp3
1) http://boomp3.com/m/bbe000a0df39/pelotazo
2) http://boomp3.com/m/a8ecdc26ee10/temazo

I'm looking for these two songs but I don't know any of them , the first link lyrics says something about Julia, and the other one is a band with the Clan Of Xymox style, maybe you could help me to figure out the songs names and what band is behind these masterpieces
Thanks in advance, I hope you could help me
Thanks for Flowers To Agatha and Wild Flowers

elektro said...

To anonymous:

The songs that you looking for are from the french band Asylum Party, the first is Julia and the second Pure Joy In My Heart

Anonymous said...

Yo me acuerdo de este grupo, lo vi actuar en directo sobre el año 1988.... y nunca más supe de él.... q pena pq prometía

Anonymous said...

I want julia´s lyric, i dont find it!!i like it so much

mstrpig said...

Hello everbody , thanks for your curiosity- I'm the guitar player. The E.P. is very much a product of the time and place: the Valencia club scene and Alicante- out every night having a ball and gorgeous girls- (it sounds naff but you really had to be there)it was more fun than you'd beleive.We really made these tunes for our friends and to have something to play at gigs so we could hang out even more.The dodgy cover came from a vote, we had a much cooler one that was reverse negative bit it got voted down. we had another album , or half of it, but the singer had to do military service. Glad some of you get a kick out of it, fun times...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that information, I thought that the singer had died , because I dont know anything about him, I know about you and Tommy...
I love that band..

rtres said...

Hey mstrpig... Would you post the lyrics from Julia's song?. We really apreciate it... It is hard to find it, and seems like a lovely song to sing along. Take care man..