Tuesday, March 11, 2008

V/A Fridge Freezer 7"

Here's a nice little compilation. This was a one-off on Ridiculous, Sharon! Records.
The record starts with Turncoats, a band I've never heard before. Seems that they also have a 12" released on Noise A Noise (the other release on this label is a 12" of That Petrol Emotion). I like their song so I'm going to look for their 12" as well.
Next are Dog Faced Hermans from Scotland. Their song 'Balloon Girl' also appeared on the 'Humans Fly' LP but this one here sounds like an earlier version. I've seen Dog Faced Hermans twice when they toured with The Ex. Bought two albums but sold them a few years later. Stupid me! In fact, it was the German issue of 'Humans Fly' as 'Menschen Fliegen' which has the 'Bella Ciao' 7" tracks as extra. Impossible to find these days.
Flipping the record over, we get an excellent song of the Sperm Wails, of which I posted a YouTube video before. As a side note, their contribution must be seen as SPURT 001 on their own Spurt Records.
The Membranes end this comp. with 'Electric Storm'. Don't know if this song was released on one of their records. Actually not the best song of them.

V/A Fridge Freezer 7" (Ridiculous, Sharon! Records-SHAZ 001-1987)
1. Turncoats - Waste Of Time
2. Dog Faced Hermans - Balloon Girl
3. Sperm Wails - Lady Chatterley's Habit
4. Membranes - Electric Storm

Fridge Freezer


scissorkicks said...

Thanks so much for this, CuriousGuy!

You know, I've got a feeling that Chris Teckkam from Ten Benson was in Turncoats. I'll text him and find out for sure.

scissorkicks said...

Yup, Chris just texted me back. He was indeed in Turncoats. I don't know much about them, but I think I remember Jonny Dawe from (Death By) Milkfloat saying they did some gigs together back in the day.

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure Ant! Thanks for the extra info on Turncoats. Never heard of Ten Benson so I checked their MySpace site.

Anonymous said...

So much great music. Thanks for this.
Does anyone have the Class Action 12" (KN Records 1984)? I mean the synth band, not the disco group. I'm dying to hear this!

ROOKSBY said...

Excellent! Never thought I'd get to hear those Turncoats / Sperm Wails tracks in a million years! You can find the Turncoats 12" here btw:


...it's a bit of a gem!

Curious Guy said...

Novemberer, thanks for all the comments and for the link to the Turncoats 12". Looking forward to hear it.

ROOKSBY said...

...And thanks for adding me to your links, old bean!