Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doubting Thomas - Another Way Of Knowing LP

Here's another act on Biff Sanders' Motiv Communications label. Seems that Tom Dolan is the main member here. He was in the early line-up of Fourwaycross. Biff Sanders also played on this recording. And Beth Thompson delivers vocals on some of the tracks. She was also in Fourwaycross and later in Medicine.
Not to be confused with the Skinny Puppy side-project.
Alot of diversity here. Some songs have a strong 60's psyche feel while 'Mare Imbrium' is an instrumental soundscape. Another instrumental is 'Mare Nectaris' but sounds more experimental. Some tracks are based around the acoustic guitar while others are more electronic.
'The Bed' originally by Lou Reed.
The album comes with the third issue of Alternator Magazine (Prod 11) with artwork and prose of Tom Dolan, David Cunningham, Peter Haskel, Tim Power, Kathe Burkhart,... Sorry but didn't include it in the file. The format isn't A4 so it would take me alot of time scanning and joining the pages together.

Note: last 3 tracks ripped as one as these were too hard to seperate.

Another Way Of Knowing LP (Motiv Communications-Prod 6-1987)
1. Helen Keller
2. Fourteen Or Maybe 8
3. The Bed
4. Mare Imbrium
5. Bright As Afternoon
6. Crystal
7. Mare Nectaris
8. The Decay Of The Angel

Doubting Thomas


Nacho Trisat said...

My favorite blog ever.


Rainy Day Sponge said...

I was looking for this, thanks.
Doubting Thomas was Tom Dolan's project (with much help from Motive Communications collective). TD was also publisher of the Alternator Magazine.
Seems that Dolan had not moved entirely from the sound of early Fourwaycross, by the time of this LP, but he was approaching the sound they developed later (On the Other Hand etc).
You can find more on the first period of Fourwaycross here:

Curious Guy said...

Glad I could help RDS. I only know the 1st album of Fourwaycross.
And thanks for posting the Insight comp.! Always wanted to hear this one.

Rainy Day Sponge said...

Seems there were several people who wanted to hear the Insight Compilation (including me!).
Now that this is settled, let's go for Bonemen of Barumba 10" !

Anonymous said...

Please re-up this ex.4waycross project...zshare makes problems...

Curious Guy said...

New link for Doubting Thomas. Enjoy!

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Tom said...

Wow. Never know what you will find on the internet. Would you believe I haven't heard this record -- my own music -- in maybe 20 years? Gave me chills to download and listen this morning. Thanks to whoever put this up. Makes me think of lots of stories.

Tom Dolan (aka Doubting Thomas)

Curious Guy said...

Glad to bring back memories Tom. Can hardly believe that you didn't hear that album for such a long time.

Tom said...

Yeah -- well recorded on tape, mastered to vinyl. I have records, even unopened copies, but I hadn't played this one in a long time and my turntable has been out of commission for a number of years now. This one never made it to MP3s. That said, I have just about everything that Fourwaycross ever recorded (and some stuff never released). We ripped from vinyl and master quarter-inch tape. If you're interested let me know and I'll post zips.