Saturday, June 14, 2008

V/A Aural Fixation MC

One of the early cassette releases on Sound Of Pig. This tape label was run by Al Margolis of If, Bwana and released over 200 tapes, documenting the international experimental scene.
'Aural Fixation' compiles mostly acts from the USA, except for the Haters from Canada.
Savage Republic offer a live recording of 'Exodus'.
Schlafengarten brings us 2 tracks. Known for his collaborations with Psyclones.
Theatre Of Ice is more in a goth/postpunk direction.
Nice to see Smersh appear here as well. F/i offers a track from their early, more experimental period.
The other acts are not really known to me. Girls On Fire did a tape on the French Vita Nova cassette label.

For more info on Sound Of Pig, go the the Pogus site

V/A Aural Fixation (Sound Of Pig-SOP 6-198?)
1. Dreamhouse - La Cucaracha
2. Savage Republic - Exodus
3. Schlafengarten - Court Dancers
4. Schlafengarten - Another Green Baby's On Fire
5. Haters - Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time
6. Sleepless Knights - Psycho Durge
7. The Psychological Warfare Branch - We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought
8. Theatre Of Ice - You Are The Children
9. Smersh - The Meandering Profile
10. Girls On Fire - My Restrained Anger
11. F/i - Excerpt From "Y"
12. Chris Gross - Carry Me Back
13. Chris Gross - Wrong Song
14. Abstract Belief - Insidious Technique
15. Youth Hostel - Psycho-Drama Beach Party

Side A

Side B


Peteykins said...

I did a few tapes for Sound of Pig, and I was always amazed at Al Margolis' selfless dedication.

Steve said...

Sorry, this isn't about the post in question, just wondering if Curious Guy or any regular readers can help with some mystery mp3s someone on livejournal has. Stuff that's been identified so far is by Royal Family and the Poor, Modern Eon, Abecedarians, Breathless, Pink Military, etc.

Please click here

Curious Guy said...

Princess, I think I read that on The Thing On The Doorstep but I forgot the name of your project. A pity that Pogus doesn't list the early discography.
Steve, I'll check later.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Steve, I wish I could help with the unknown tracks posted on Livejournal but I can't get to the file ("file not found").

Anonymous said...

Hello curious guy. I'm the one Steve mentioned that is looking for information about a bunch of unidentified songs, new wave mostly. The files are unavailable for download, apparently a lot of people have downloaded them and I'm at the limit. If you'd be interested I could e-mail you the songs, 3 songs per e-mail.

If you can help at all it would be wonderful!

Curious Guy said...

luminousmotion, you can send them to:
I'll see what I can do. Hopefully I can identify a few for you.

Psyence Guy said...

Thanks. Those were some cool tunes.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how cool the cassette underground was, so many people creating so much noise. Some very creative people doing stuff without computers and all the electronic giizmos we have today.

Funny, I just saw Theatre of Ice a few days ago. They were still as crazy as ever.

Anonymous said...

great posts love the music yo put up here! can i make a request of some Leningrad Sandwich?

Curious Guy said...

Zing, don't have any Leningrad Sandwich, but check here:

labreactiondanslemouvement said...

Hi Curious Guy, It's impossible to have the B side of this V/A Aural Fixation MC...I succeed for the A side...It just doesn't start on mediafire....Any Clue?? Thanks for all this good work.

Curious Guy said...

New link for Side B. Enjoy!

labreactiondanslemouvement said...

Thanks Curious Guy!! It works now...I'm amaze of those obscure and deep underground bands, some i already knows and many unknown!

I'm more of Live Gigs, experimental and avant-garde from the 80's.
Thanks anyways!

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