Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brave New World - Noise From The Heart LP

Brave New World is a US punkband started in the early/mid 80's. They released a 7" and the 'Initiation' mini album which are punk in sound with elements of garage to hardcore..
The 'Noise From The Heart' album however shows the band in a different direction. It reminds me of No Trend. This was their last release as the band already fell apart.
All their records were on the Homemade Records label but carry Fartblossom Enterprizes cat.#'s.
Singer James Roebuck is in The Mission Creeps now (although their MySpace page disappeared).

Noise From The Heart LP (Homemade Records-FBE 016-1987)
1. Coming On
2. The Story Ends
3. E To E Flat
4. Hypnotist
5. The Parable Of The Shadow
6. Just Enjoying The View
7. Square One
8. Life In A Police State
9. Abyss Of Broken Souls

Noise From The Heart


ONECHORD said...

this is just amazing. many thanks for this marvelous post. and yep, i can see the relation with no trend, although brave new world manage to create their personal sound. great, anyway. wish i could listen to their single.

and by the way, anxious to listen to some stuff -their single and lp- by the mighty nuclear crayons since looong time ago. maybe you could help?

Curious Guy said...

I have the Brave New World 7".
About Nuclear Crayons: don't have any of their stuff but heard them on the 'Mixed Nuts Don't Crack' comp. Would also like to hear their 7" & LP.

ONECHORD said...

wow, it would be great to listen to it as well. being curious to hear the barriers song.
shame about nuclear crayons... yep, i also heard their songs on the mixed compilation but i do really want to hear more from them. sooo great noise they did.
all the best.

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Rare Cold Jewels said...

Hello, I saw you search anything about Réseau d'ombre, if you want I've the Locket (86) and a lot of other tracks but I don't know the albums, I can send you a link if you want and I've the album of Asmodi you are searching for!!

Greetings for this blog!!

Curious Guy said...

Rare Cold Jewels, thanks for the offer. Already found most Réseau D'Ombres but I'm very interested in the Asmodi Bizarr album. I'll link you if you don't mind.

Branko said...

This looks awesome. Can't wait to listen to it. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The Mission Creeps myspace is still around
and their website

different perspective but nice growth from someone who cut their teeth this way

Toxik Boys said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the post.
Excellent shite !

Curious Guy said...

Enjoy Honquijote. Brave New World is indeed great stuff.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!