Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autumn Cathedral - Asleep Within Waves LP

A really great album of a band I know next to nothing about. They started around 1986 in San Francisco. A second album 'Amethyst Figurine' was recorded in 1991 but never released.
Seems that they took the bandname from a 17 Pygmies song. Great atmospheric wave.
This was released in 1989 on cult label Epithet Records out of Stanford CA. Their most wellknown release is the 'Trust' 12 of Mute Angst Envy.
I only have another record on this label which is the 'Spiritual Vision' LP of Crimson Ivy.

Autumn Cathedral on MySpace. You can buy this album and the unreleased one there as well. As MP3 I guess.

note: tracks 4 & 5 and tracks 8 & 9 ripped as one track.

Asleep Within Waves LP (Epithet Records-EPIC2-1989)
1. Sawn Asunder
2. My Thoughts Fall In A Slow Cascade
3. The Sun Also Rises
4. The Artist
5. Aquamarine
6. Elysian Fields
7. Soul
8. Cabaret Grey
9. An Exo-Skeleton Prison

Link removed as requested by Scott Martinez.
Get the album at Cauldron Soundwerx here.


robertzombie said...

Never heard of this band but I'm looking forward to hearing it all the same!
Only recently discovered your blog, been sifting through it for the last few days, it's a goldmine!


P.S. I'm in a Gothic piano rock band called The Mumbles. We recently released a CD independently, would you be interested in featuring it on your blog?
If so, you can contact us via our website,


Anonymous said...

I was looking for an e-mail address but had no luck. I'm a frequent visitor and wanted you to know I've compiled 13 discs so far of old underground electronic new wave songs at the following addess, which also has all relevant info on what I call the Analog CyberPunk project.



Curious Guy said...

robertzombie, absorb and enjoy! I'm interested in your band although it's mostly 80's bands with OOP stuff featured here.
Emerson, I'll add a link. Looks very interesting.

robertzombie said...

Fair enough. If you need any more info (or some discs), just contact me through our site - guestbook/Myspace will do =)

Anonymous said...
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robertzombie said...

Thanks for AC demo!

Here's some more info and pictures on the tape:

Curious Guy said...

Thanks alot for the stuff anon. Didn't have these so that's great! If it's OK, I'll put them on the blog in the next couple of days.

goutroy said...

Nice, Anonymous, I didn't have the demos. Mute Angst Envy are still active, and played recently with my friend's band, Astral. MAE's recent cd is pretty good, but a bit more aggressive sounding than the Archetype & Trust EPs.
Also, for those interested in more Epithet Records stuff, I'm posting a few other releases (including both of the Crimson Ivy records) on my blog

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, everyone! It's cool with me if you post them :)

frankie teardrop said...

always loved this record, and had mind to post it soon. a coldwave classic!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is SCOTT MARTINEZ from Autumn Cathedral. I was browsing around today (November 2008) and found this. Whoa! Thanks for all the comments! I also found a copy of the Telekinetic video that I haven't seen in 15 years! Thanks for that!

I am in a new band called Alice Sweet Alice ( We have a label called Cauldron Soundwerx ( We are actually in the process of remastering Autumn Cathedral's music and selling MP3's from our 2nd album as well, which was never released. Please check it out.

I would ask that you take the link down for the free MP3 download of "Asleep Within Waves" as soon as you can, out of courtesy, now that you can get Autumn Cathedral's music at Cauldron Soundwerx from an official source.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Scott,
thanks for leaving a comment here. I removed the link as requested and replaced it by a link to the bandpage on Cauldron Soundwerx.