Saturday, August 09, 2008

V/A Awaken LP

A very interesting and diverse compilation released on a small label called Aztlan Records. Think it was run by Cecilia ±.
Factory describe themselves as Eraserhead-ian industrial angst.
Killerwail formed in 1984 and played with Minutemen, Wall Of Voodoo, The Cult,... Their second song reminds me of The Ex.
Anna Homler is a Los Angeles based performance artist who sings in a found language of tone and feeling. She collaborated with alot of artists, even in Europe. Check her entry at Discogs for more info.
Cecilia ± released an album of her own in 1986 and also did vocals on the Angel Of The Odd LP. Both also released on Aztlan and will be posted later. She sadly passed away some time ago.
Not alot to be found on Lizzie Wilcox. It's like spoken word over self-created music.
Twist Of Fate delivers 2 indie rock songs.
The Vampyre Garden is the goth band here.

The insert is included in the file. The tracks of Cecilia ± are ripped as one track.

V/A Awaken LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1002-1987)
1. Factory -Carnivore
2. Factory - Vapor Lock
3. Killerwail - The Contrast
4. Killerwail - No One Way
5. Anna Homler - Karu Karu
6. Anna Homler - Santiago
7. Cecilia ± - Nana
8. Cecilia ± - My Little Boy (To My Little Boy That Never Lived)
9. Lizzie Wilcox - Sermonette
10. Twist Of Fate - Looking For Cyndy
11. Twist Of Fate - Back For More
12. The Vampyre Garden - Now He's Happy
13. The Vampyre Garden - Her Mirror's Lust

Awaken (new link)


Mystery Poster said...

Sorry to make a note not relevant to this post.. I have just posted something up your alley: Sigmund Und Sein Freund "See Emily Play" - a classic slice of darkwave!


Anonymous said...

it's absolutely fantastic compilation! is there any other available songs by the Vampyre Garden? or informations about their relases? i can't stop listening "Her Mirror's Lust"!

thank You so much for posting great music! I found your blog when i was searching informations about Breather's "Loves and disloves"

thanks again
and sorry for bad english:<

Curious Guy said...

Don't feel sorry for your English :)
I don't think that The Vampyre Garden released anything else. Well I haven't found any other stuff so far.

Anonymous said...

so thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love that Factory song...