Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bed Of Nails - Prey Upon The Wheel 12"

Well let's make Fritz happy with this one.
Bed Of Nails were from Minneapolis and only released this 12". It's late 80's indie/goth rock with an extra role for the violin. Also has female vocals. She's called Data and also plays keyboards and acoustic guitar.
No further info to be found on Bed Of Nails.

Prey Upon The Wheel 12" (Vore Productions-VRR 8801-1988)
1. Islam
2. Girls
3. Alex
4. Denium Tribe

Bed Of Nails


eunoia said...

Just noticed your request list, here's my first attempt at a rip with UV POP's Anyone For Me 12".

password: eunoia

Must have had Anything But Records on my mind when I named the .zip, but if there are any other glaring errors shout back.

Curious Guy said...

Eunoia, many many thanks for this one. Your first attempt at a rip is a success. Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...


Wonderful blog!!

In case you haven't seen it yet, posted the Nuit Blanche compilation.

Are you still looking for the Topless Game compilation and the Plane Of Section EP?


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation soundmill. Yes I'm still looking for decent rips of the records you mention. Could you help me?

Anonymous said...

Hi again

Please mail me.


Fritz die Spinne said...

Thanks V.!
I have not always been hunting for this in the three or so yours since I learned of it, but I had tagged it of interest and keep spotting it among my notes. It is nice to finally hear it.

Much appreciated!


Sheerinertia said...

Hello again! So good to see your blog up and in full force!!! Bed Of Nails??? Perry Ehrmann has a myspace page here:

Hope helps- thanks as always for the share!!!

Unknown said...

great blog. can you up Mordern English - Mesh and Lice?

Curious Guy said...

I suppose the Mesh And Lace album of Modern English is still available on CD.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Bed of Nails consisted of:

Data - Keybord & Voice
Perry Ehrmann - Guitar
Christopher Gellerman - Drums
Richard Lee - Violin
Kyle Killorin - Bass

They formed from another late 80's Minneapolis Death Rock group called The Donner Party which had Doug Swenson on bass.


Unknown said...
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