Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Spartacus - Crank 12"

This is probably my first Australian post here.
I Spartacus was recommended to me by a few people and it's indeed a great record. Strongly influenced by the dark UK goth sound.
The 'Crank' 12" was released by the band in 1988. But they already existed as Dog For Jonathon, later I'm Spartacus, already from the early 80's. Their first release as I'm Spartacus is the 'Donna Is Distressed' 7" from 1983.
After the 'Crank' 12" followed the 'The Greats' LP. Never heard this one but they were going for a more mainstream approach I was told, although still an enjoyable listen.
For those interested in the history of band, should check this page here.

Crank 12" (No Label-1988)
1. Prelude To The Greats
2. Paramount
3. In Rome Like Chicago
4. It Never Can Happen Again
5. This Love Alive
6. The Sound Barrier

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I Spartacus


tarchin said...

incredible! never thought i´d hear this again after my mates newfoundland puppy ate my copy, thanks so much!

Fritz die Spinne said...

Downloaded twice and track one keeps coming up corrupt an unable to extract.

Sounds great though--an excellent find!

Curious Guy said...

Tried myself and you're right Fritz. I'll re-up ASAP!

balbulus said...

Hi there,

I've just posted the discography of Herne Bay Post-Punk band Playground on my blog, feel free to add them to yours if you want (my blog is too small for much exposure!)



Roddus said...

24 Hours Of Throbbing gristle Now on

roman empire said...

Wow! Another Great Find. Back in the days i owned a copy of The Greats LP - you are right - it is much poppier than this and a bit on the boring side but still a decent record. Actually i've been looking for it for a while, but never found anything.
Anyways, thank you very much for this!
Made my day :-D

roman empire again ... said...

Damn. I was so happy to finally get this, but i already tried to download about 20 times now. Every time the download stops before it's finished.
Am I the only one that has this problem? All my other downloads work perfect - only this specific file on mediafire is f*cked up. I think they are having some serious server probs since the service was completely unavailable for a couple of hours yesterday.

Any chance for a re-up?


Curious Guy said...

Better wait for a while. Tried to upload something today and it got stuck in the 'waiting to verify' mode a few times so I gave up. I hope that tomorrow everything's solved or I need to choose another filehost.

Anonymous said...

ok you might not believe me but the guy on the front of the record, john marr, aka Jack Marx, is my uncle. cool, right!!!

Anonymous said...

ok you might not believe me but the guy on the front of the record, john marr, aka Jack Marx, is my uncle. cool, right!!!

David Gerard said...

The album was amazingly good, one of my favourites of 1989-1990 ... pretty much no-one ever heard it. It sunk without trace, but really didn't deserve to.

Band member Jack Marx is now a journalist. He contacted me about something else and was amazed I'd heard of I Spartacus, let alone liked them :-D