Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Modest Proposal - s/t LP

Thanks to Capa Nostra Syndicate for letting me post this record that I wanted to hear for a long time. Never heard it before but I was intrigued because it's on the Rosebud label of Mekanik Kommando after they were dropped from Wereld Record (an EMI sublabel).
It didn't disappoint me listening to this one. Great electronic, sometimes experimental wave with female vocals.
Keyboardplayer Bert Van De Grift later active in many other electronic/techno acts. He passed away in 2005, aged 41.
Only 500 pressed, fetching over 100 euro on eBay. Hopefully it gets reissued one day.

This is a high quality rip (320) including front & back sleeve scans.

A Modest Proposal LP (Rosebud-RBD 0100-1986)
1. Ite Missa Est
2. Hamna
3. The Experience Of Falling
4. Rain Disturbs
5. New Way Out
6. The Clearing
7. Shed But Not Wasted
8. Love Mania

A Modest Proposal (Mediafire)

A Modest Proposal (Rapidshare)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another fine piece of 80s archeology. Where do you people dig these rare records up?

icastico said...

Here's a rare one from the American Southwest, mid-80's...

goutroy said...

Awesome, I'm glad you finally found a rip of this! Thanks! I've been looking for this for a while. I just picked up another LP from your wantlist, the Nuit Blanche LP, while on vacation, so I'll be posting that one soon.

Nicolet said...

That is a great surprise! I was one of the musicians of A Modest Proposal and I have still some LPs and CDs available and put them on the web (

... for a modest price of course.
So do me a favor and instead of using the rips, buy the original!


leibstandarte said...

This was great really excellent!

Would you have the CD version of 'The Laughing Academy' Punilux ? I only ask as the CD version has the song Engine Of Excess and other extra tracks not available anywhere else.

Perhaps you have the single of engine of excess that you could post ?

All the best

leibstandarte said...

Oh I ment to ask

Is Robert Fripp on this album ?

The Guitar is in places close to his style on Discipline era Crimson.

Curious Guy said...

No Robert Fripp on this one! But I suppose his style influenced a lot of other people.