Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selenite Vox/Les Abscons - Split 10"

And here's the first release on Prinzip Products.
A pretty rare split 10" released in 1982 in an oversized fold-out sleeve.
Selenite Vox came from Le Havre and offer 4 tracks of experimental synth stuff. One of their tracks was comped on the New Wave Complex boot series.
Les Abscons were from Lyon and offer 3 tracks of experimental weirdness. As far as I know this is their only release.
The label was named after Prinzip, the person who got arrested for shooting Franz Ferdinand. The start of WWI.
I scanned the whole sleeve for your viewing pleasure.

Selenite Vox/Les Abscons - Split 10" (Prinzip Products-00100 AB-1982)
1. Selenite Vox - Les Usines
2. Selenite Vox - Sans Titre 1
3. Selenite Vox - Voix Dans Le Tunnel
4. Selenite Vox - Sans Titre 2
5. Les Abscons - Cinq Minutes Trente
6. Les Abscons - Troix Vingt Cinq
7. Les Abscons - Troix Quinze

New link!
Selenite Vox/Les Abscons


Anonymous said...

what a great release, love the dark/cold synthie stuff.

Anonymous said...

The French really had an affinity for this kind of music, didn't they? There was a time in the early 80s when they seemed to turn out records like this en masse. I wonder why France took so readily to this style and not, say, Germany?

Anonymous said...

hi! can you please check track #5, it fails the crc chaeck and is not playable after some seconds. thanks

great post, many thanks!

i have the De Wassenaarse Slag in a CDR, can rip it for you if you want.


Curious Guy said...

Track 5 is damaged indeed. New link coming soon.

Curious Guy said...

Oh yeah, I'm interested in a rip of De Wassenaarse Slag. You can contact me at:

Valeskja Valcav said...

Just passing by to tell you that my father was the man behind Selenite Vox, and i'm actually recollecting stuff for a decent release of his musical treasures !

Curious Guy said...

Hi Valeskja, that's good news. You can always let us know when the release is ready. Thanks for visiting and say hello to your father.

Anonymous said...

can you p l e a s e - p l e a s e - p l e a s s s s e re-up?
link is broken
i am "waiting forward" & very enthusiastic to listen.
god bless you

Curious Guy said...

Link works fine on my end. I just tried. Please try again (and I don't need God's blessing 'cos I believe he doesn't exist ;) )