Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strahler - 2 x 12"

Here's another French band I know nothing about. This isn't some cold wave or so. Pretty heavy postpunk sound. Hard to describe.
Oddly enough, the band released 2 versions of the same record, one sung in English, the other one in German. Don't know what the purpose could be.
Well there's is a small difference on both records. Listen to the beginning of the 2nd track and you'll hear.
The English version is way harder to find than the German one.
Both 12"s were released on Contorsion, a label that also released records of Baroque Bordello, Movement, Les Provisoires, The Bonaparte's and Opéra De Nuit.
Strahler also appear on the Garage Recordse cover comp. '1966 Garage 1970' with a version of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'.
Anyone who has more info on Strahler?

Strahler 1st 12" (Contorsion-CNT.002-1984)
1. Between Four Walls
2. A War Relation
3. A Love Murderous

Strahler 2nd 12" (Contorsion-CNT.003-1984)
1. Zwischen Vier Wanden
2. Bezug Zum Krieg
3. Mörderische Liebe



Anonymous said...

It sounds like they were going for a heavy Killing Joke sound but couldn't quite pull it off. As for the bilingual vocals, French bands almost always sound awful in English; better to stick to the language you know, I think.

Kublecito said...

Hey there, I've been following your blog for a while, nice one. There's a band I've been looking for a long time, they're called Psychotic Fungus, they appear on the "Clockwork Orange County" compilation. I don't know If they ever recorded/relased anything besides that, also I don' know If you, by chance, uploaded something, I'm too lazy to check, heh. If you've got something let me know.

Again, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello every body,les Strahler sont des membres du groupe punk Oberkampf,sorry my english is very bad!!!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info anon. Didn't know that Strahler were members of Oberkampf.
Kublecito, I have that comp. but I don't know if Psychotic Fungus rleased anything else.
Other anon: sometimes you're right about French bands singing in English, but here it works as the vocals aren't quite understandable.

jake said...

Strahler was Philippe Onfray (chant synthé), with Moko (batterie) and his brother Eric (basse)

Anonymous said...

Any chance to reupload this?

Curious Guy said...

New link for Strahler. Enjoy!