Saturday, August 15, 2009

V/A Lyon Compilation LP

Interesting document of what was going on in French city Lyon early 1983. This album compiles the 6 best young bands from the area, excluding 'Les Abscons' (they did a split 10" with Selenite Vox).
All bands recorded at the same rehearsal room on cheap recording material so don't expect high quality recordings here.
Lust Sacrifice released a 7" called 'Hearting'. International Sin released an album 'Out' in 1985 on Contorsion. Don't think the other bands released anything else.
This was the 2nd release on Prinzip Products. First one is the Selenite Vox/Les Abscons split 10" which I will post next weekend.

A few notes: both tracks of Lust Sacrifice recorded as one track.
There are 3 song titles mentioned for La Cour Des Miracles but only 2 are on the album.
At the end of side B, Baat-Baal start a 3rd song but ends abruptly.

V/A Lyon Compilation LP (Prinzip Products-00200 AF-1983)
1. Lust Sacrifice - Vision
2. Lust Sacrifice - Ghost Sailer
3. Discipline - Souvenir Of Departure
4. Discipline - Honour & Past
5. La Cour Des Miracles - La Noblesse Déchue Des Bas Quartiers
6. La Cour Des Miracles - Le Royaume Des Enfants Perdus
7. Le Pacte Noir - Vacuum
8. Le Pacte Noir - 1er Novembre
9. International Sin - The Bal
10. International Sin - White Zombie
11. Baat-Baal - Taboo Death
12. Baat-Baal - L'Art Ou Plantage

Lyon Compilation


! said...

do you have any info about the band baat-baal, featured on this comp? their songs are awesome, i would love to track down some more tunes by them.


Curious Guy said...

Don't think there's anything else out there from Baat-Baal. Maybe some private recordings?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!