Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kronstadt - A Demain... MLP

Here's a contribution by Dougal.
French punk/postpunk band from Paris that only released this mini-album on New Wave in 1985. They also appear on the comp. album 'France Profonde 1'.
For the rest, I can't tell much more. Some songs are punk, others are more postpunk sounding. One track 'Elle' is even dub/reggae style.

Had to take the image from here. Only page I could find on Kronstadt. If you need a bigger one, there's a picture of it on Discogs.

A Demain... MLP (New Wave-NW014-1985)
1. Désarmement
2. F.L.I.C.
3. Kalachnikoff
4. Souterrain
5. Baptême
6. Elle



Anonymous said...

ok à demain les gars
faites quand même gaffe, les combats sont très "violents"

Nihiliste, autonome et mysanthrope said...

quoi qu'on en dise, ces liens manquent de transparence

Toxik Boys said...

thanks for this Curious Guy!

jeffen said...

Cool post. I bought this in the blowout bin at my local record store back in '89 along with a couple of Berurier Noir records. It wasn't French electro-punk like the BN albums but, like you said, more post-punk. Interesting record.

I added yo to my blog roll:

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